Alain Mimouni realizes his works with a process of his own.
In mixed media, digitally, collage or 3D relief, his work allows him to go closer to reality, while incorporating real cut objects, such as half-ball basket, motorcycle helmet, mezouza, and well others.
A burst of gold or silver always illuminates his works.



Alain Mimouni has produced many paintings and personalized dollars for companies or individuals.
He invites you to revisit one of his already realized works or to create a new and unique completeness.
He first presents a model and after validation or modification, Alain Mimouni realizes the work in the desired format (large format, diptych, triptych or custom).


To date he has made customizations for:


  • Law Firms
  • Dental centers
  • Accounting Firms
  • Galas
  • Car and motorcycle dealers
  • Beth habad
  • Restaurants
  • Individuals


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